good vibes

we've been lucky to provide camera packages for a great collection of artists, producers and dops. here's small list of projects created using infamous gear. we post it because it's quality work. _respect!



bukowski (red one mx / zeiss super speeds / century zoom) - rabbit bandini
april apocalypse (red one mx / zeiss ultra primes) - tarnol bros.


nike + footlocker "be the baddest" (red dragon / cineovision) - video
chobani "farmland" (red dragon / cineovision ) - video
bundaberg red "catfish" (red epic / zeiss ultra primes) - psyop - video
james cameron "final word" (red epic) - national geographic - video
patos "blondie" w/ pamela anderson (red epic / zeis ultra primes) - razor factory - video
tabasco (red one mx / zeiss super speeds) - bucks boys - video
sustenex "feel good" (red epic / zeiss ultra primes) - moo studios - video
la kings "standley cup promo" (red epic) - la kings hockey club
chevrolet "sonic skydive" (red epic) - chevrolet - video
herculiner "knight" (red one mx / zeiss ultra primes) - video

music video:

j-lo "first love" (dragon / xt / cineovision ) - bhc - video
jay-z ft justin timberlak "holy grail" (dragon / cineovision) - bhc - video
muse "madness" (red epic / super speeds) - bhc - video
phillip phillips "home" (red epic / panchros) - mega g - video
dispatch "cirlces around the sun" (red epic / standard speeds) - razor factory - video
nas "daughters" (red epic / super speeds) - video
nelly furtado "big hoops" (red epic / ultra primes) - video
tyga "rack city" - robot films (red one mx )- video
miggs "let the games begin" (red one mx / jdc super speed anamorphics) - partizan - video
lil' wayne "how to love" - (red epic / jdc super speed anamorphics) robot films - video
train "drive by" (red one mx / super baltars) - video
estelle ft. rick ross (red one mx / jdc super speed anamorphics) - robot films - video
jojo "disaster" (red epic / zeiss ultra primes) - video
mike posner "looks like sex" (red one mx / alura zoom) - video
brave soul "keyhole" (red epic / jdc super speed anamorphcs) - facet pictures - video
monica ft. rick ross "anything (to find you)" (red one mx / zeiss ultra primes) - robot films - video